Tips for organizing bathrooms to be used


Tips for organizing bathrooms to be used

'Bathroom' is an area that is used every day and often has limited space. Including the problem of using a mess Looks uncomfortable and not suitable for use Global House has ideas and tips for organizing bathrooms to be used more. For resting in the shower with comfort and comfort


Attach the corner shelf.

The bathroom often has appliances such as shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap that is used regularly. Therefore should be placed in the bathing area For convenient handling But if placed on the floor May cause clutter and often need to be bent Try to find a shelf to attach to an angle at eye level or easy to handle. And should choose layers that use stainless steel or plastic materials To prevent rust


Under-sink storage cabinet

For bathrooms with limited space Storage cabinets should be added for usable space. By placing it under the sink And may drill pipes through the cabinet In order to hide the pipes inside To make the bathroom look more beautiful Meanwhile You can also store items that are not often used, such as toilet cleaners, scrub brushes, glass spray cleaners, etc.


Organize the bottom basin.

The sink area is another corner that often has accessories such as toothbrushes, facial cleansers, and creams, which, if not arranged well. May cause this area to look cluttered Recommend using a plastic jars or small drawers. Organize things and categories For picking, using and finding things more conveniently As well as helping to clean the area near the bottom of the sink More useable


Installed above the sanitary ware.

The area above the toilet or toilet is often empty. Recommend using this area to your advantage By installing shelves To increase space And may be used to place bathroom decorations such as artificial fragrant vases, flowers or favorite books that are read often. So that the bathroom is a room suitable for rest and creates a relaxing atmosphere in the body


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