Tips for choosing the right shower


'Shower' may be a small part of the bathroom, but it is an indispensable part. And should be selected for use as appropriate Otherwise, there may be a problem while irritating the shower. Global House invites to see the selection tips "Shower" to be most desirable and answer the usage of each house

Shower type

First of all, let's get to know the 4 types of showers first.

1. Shower head Can not move In general, the water level can be adjusted to approximately 3 functions, both strength and water distribution.

2. Hand shower Is a shower that can be moved as you like There are long cables, both metal and rubber.

3. Wall mounted shower Tend to be about the same height as a hand shower or hand shower But will not have a rigging and cannot be removed for carrying. The advantage is that you will not worry about the cord being disconnected from the platform

4. Ceiling shower This type of shower will be embedded into the ceiling. And directly on the head Feels like bathing in the rain. Can be seen in general hotels or resorts

Check the water condition in the house.

After getting to know each type of shower Should also check the water condition in the house To select the right shower For homes with tap water Can use both metal and plastic heads But the house is brackish water in other provinces We recommend using plastic and rubber heads instead. To prevent rust And should use the water that passes through the filter To prevent clogging the shower

Select shower material

Currently, showers are made from a variety of materials such as plastic, aluminum, chromium, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic ones are lightweight. Easy to lift and move when showering. But may not be as durable as chromium Which is more expensive And has a more beautiful design, etc. should be chosen to match the needs and style of the bathroom decoration

One of the key points when choosing a shower is to consider the features of the direction of the water and the functions such as the injection pressure. Water dispersion To suit the needs of use For maximum comfort during bathing

At the Global House there are many types of showers to choose from. There are all designs that go in with every style of bathroom. Browse products at all branches of the Global House near your home. Or online shopping at