The idea of ​​using a mirror to decorate a small room to look wide.


For people who have houses and rooms with limited space Or too dark The problem can be solved by using a 'mirror' because it helps to reflect the area to look wider. The Global House has an idea to use glass to decorate the house to look wide together.

Attach a large mirror for a long time.

One of the rooms that has the most small space problem is the bathroom, so installing glass is one solution. And should choose a glass that is larger than your own height And has a full length wall Will help the bathroom look wider Including more height

Glass closet

For condos or small rooms And have a wardrobe Try installing a mirror to the closet door. In addition to saving space, it also helps to camouflage and reflect the space in the room to look wider. As well as helping to be dressed in a full body style as well

Cosmetic table mirror helps to make the room look wider.

For people who like makeup and have a cosmetic table Should choose a cosmetic table with a mirror In order to help reflect the room more spacious And should be placed in a position that reflects natural light in Will help to make the room more bright

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