Terms of Use

Terms of Use

• Introduction

Welcome to globalhouse.co.th, a website created by Siam Global House Public Company Limited to provide our customers/users with online access to goods and services. Please read and observe the Terms and Conditions of use of this website for your own benefit. Any action on this site constitutes your acceptance of its legal obligations. The Company reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

• Copy Rights and Restrictions on use of this website

Globalhouse.co.th would like to inform you that the rights to all text, images, sounds, contents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, presentation, information, news, and components appearing on this website are reserved to globalhouse.co.th alone, and are protected by the intellectual property laws of Thailand. Against those who copy, imitate, reproduce, modify, distribute, sell, rent out, or commercially or improperly exploit such intellectual property in any way without written permission from globalhouse.co.th or trademark owners, globalhouse.co.th, on behalf of Siam Global House Public Company Limited, will proceed with legal actions to the fullest extent of the law. Your right to use this website will be terminated immediately upon breach of this Terms of Conditions of use of this website.

• Links to Third Party Websites

Globalhouse.co.th contains links to other websites not affiliated with the company for your referential convenience. Globalhouse.co.th does not endorse or verify the contents of the linked websites. You agree that globalhouse.co.th will not be held accountable for the contents, advertisements, products and services on such websites, should there be any damage cause by visiting or using the services from such linked websites.

• Product Descriptions and Images’ Color

Globalhouse.co.th provides product descriptions for your consideration in purchasing goods and services. We do not guarantee that no errors are present. Therefore, if you are unsure or require more information, please inquire at Global House Call Center, Tel. 1160, available daily at 08.30-19.30, before making any purchase of goods or service. Likewise, globalhouse.co.th has the intention to display product images with correct and accurate color. However, the color displayed on your computer screen may be inaccurate due to different settings.

• Registration and Membership

  • • Globalhouse.co.th only offers services from placing orders or to participate in promotional activities on the website to registered members.
  • • In registering for membership on globalhouse.co.th, registrants must provide the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date personal information. They need to be updated in case of changes.
  • • You must be 18 years of age or older to be a member and order from globalhouse.co.th.
  • • Each user of globalhouse.co.th is allowed only one user account. Violation of the Terms may result in suspension of account, entitlement to promotional offers and any other benefits, as well as legal prosecution or fine under criminal law.

• Selling and Purchasing Terms

    Your purchase of goods and services will be considered complete when you have paid the specified amount for the goods and services and agreed to our established standard. Note that promotional prices and offers (sale promotional items) are valid for purchases made on globalhouse.co.th only, and do not apply for in-store purchases.

    • • Sale and purchase will be shipped according to Delivery Terms.
    • • Upon receiving your order, please check the items before signing delivery receipt. Should there be any problems please contact Global House Call Center at 1160 immediately.
    • • Warranty of an item such as appliance or equipment will be provided directly by its manufacturer/agent (partner company). If your item is eligible for warranty coverage,you can contact its manufacturer/agent directly.
    • • Prices listed on globalhouse.co.th do not include installation fee. If you would like installation service,you can order additional installation service on this website.

    • • Home Service/Voucher Coupons
    • All coupons printed from globalhouse.co.th are only applicable according to specified terms and conditions such as discounts on goods/service. The Company are not liable for printed coupons/coupon reference numbers that are lost or stolen in all cases. These coupons and reference numbers cannot be reproduced/reused for any activity unless permissible by law. If you do not use your coupon/reference number within the expiration date, you waive the right to use such coupon/reference number.

    • • Global House’s installation services must be in accordance with the standard specifications of Global House. The standard and service rates are listed for each service.

      • • Service Voucher of Partner Companies
      • • Purchases of these coupons are done with business owners (partner company) via globalhouse.co.th, on which they are displayed. The business owners (partner company) are solely responsible for such purchases
      • • Details and Specifications of a coupon are set by the business owner (partner company) listed in the coupon.
      • • Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash, promotional offer, discount, or anything else.

• Delivery Terms

  • • Delivery service
    • • The company will ship the order upon receipt of proof of payment from the customer.
    • • Shipment will be made according to order number. Items with the same order number may be shipped separately depending on what is appropriate for each product type.
    • • The order will be shipped to the address specified in the shipping address, which cannot be changed once the shipment is confirmed.
    • • We reserve the right not to ship to PO Boxes, only to addresses explicitly specified.
    • • We reserve the right not to ship to Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat Provinces or islands of Thailand. For the islands, the company will ship to the nearest port on the mainland.
    • • Delivery time is subject to change in cases of made-to-order items or items that are not in-stock.
    • • If your order is not received within 7 days after its shipment has been confirmed, please contact Global House Call Center at 1160.
    • • Inspection on delivery. For your best benefits please check your order on delivery. If any error is present please notify Global House Call Center at 1160 immediately.

  • • Global House only offers delivery service to your registered address within the Kingdom of Thailand. Two delivery options are available.
  • • Standard delivery: delivery only or delivery with installation. The delivery takes around 3-14 business days, and is carried out by Global House and its store.
  • • Express delivery: delivery only. The delivery takes around is 3-5 business days by courier.

  • • Delivery fees
  • • Standard delivery
  • • Delivery fees are based on actual distances, starting at 180 baht.
  • • Express delivery
  • • Delivery fees are based on weights and delivery areas, starting at 50 baht.
  • Notes
    • • Delivery time will be between 9:00 – 18:00.
    • • If the customer fails to receive order and to arrange for someone to receive it without a notice made within 15:00 of the previous day, the customer must pay a surcharge of 200 baht per attempt.
    • • If helpers are necessary due to on-site limitations, a charge of ​​300 baht will be added per head. Or if tile/ceramic items need to be carried upstairs, there will be a surcharge of 300 baht per floor.
    • • We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

• Cancellations Due to Errors

  • • In case of any error resulting in a deviation from what is first specified in an order of goods or services, such as missing or inaccurate order details, globalhouse.co.th has full rights to cancel the order at any time. If globalhouse.co.th has received the payment, it will refund full amount to the user within 7-15 days from the date of cancellation.
  • • In case the content or information of limited-time promotional campaigns is inconsistent with any of the terms, conditions, or policies of service stated on globalhouse.co.th, the special terms and conditions are to be observe first, and these terms are considered separate from the main policies of globalhouse.co.th.

• Termination/Revoke of Membership

  • • In case of damages to other users, globalhouse.co.th, or the company, the user agrees to compensate for any actual damages occurred.
  • • In case a member/user perform or are suspected to harbor intentions of inappropriate, illegal, or immoral actions, the company reserves the right to revoke his/her membership immediately without notice. If there is any damage done, the member/user is liable for all damages.
  • • Globalhouse.co.th will revoke, limit, modify, increase/reduce credit amounts as appropriate. By registering to globalhouse.co.th, you agree to its Terms and Conditions.