Nature of Business


Nature of Business


“ATZ Commodities” operates a export business in construction and home improvement segment selling a wide range of product, from heavy construction material to light decorative products under the concept One Stop Shopping Home Improvement Center. Our target markets are retail customers, small distributor, and professionals.“ATZ Commodities” divided products into 2 groups;

Building Material Group Decorative items
Cements and Construction materials Doors, Windows and Woods
Steels, Nails and Wires Hardware
Roofs and Installation tools Electrical Accessories
Tanks, Pipes, Water Systems and Gardening Sanitary wares and Kitchens
  Ceramic Tiles and Decorative items
  Paints and Chemicals
  Furniture and Appliances

Product Lines and Services


The company distributes construction materials, decorative items and gardening products. All in large store warehouse under single roof under the name “ATZ Commodities”. 



As a leading construction material and home improvement retailer we focus on being:


FAST   –  we provide our customers with a grab & go service. We have a unit called “Speed Man” who is ready to help customer loading customers’ heavy purchased items into their vehicles. We also heavily invest our resource on improving the utilization of Information Technology to speed up our work processes, which ultimately aim to improve service quality.

RIGHT  –  because we understand that customers expect reliability from us, so we equipped all of our associates with the right knowledge of product and with the customer-oriented mind.

CHEAP –  customers can expect quality products at a lower-than-market price from us.

EASY   –  we want to provide an easy and welcoming atmosphere to all our customers.

POLITE –  all our associates are there to help out our customers in a polite and professional manner.